Labyrinth Diamonds 14K White Gold Emerald Hidden Diamond Halo Studs

Labyrinth Diamonds 14K Gold Emerald Hidden Diamond Halo Studs

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Introducing the Labyrinth Diamonds Hidden Halo Solitaire Collection. A modern twist on a classic favourite. This hidden halo solitaire features a pair of magnificent central stones with discreetly hidden bead set lab diamonds that form a halo thus adding a discreet touch that is only visible to the wearer. Four handcrafted and ultra-precise "tiger claws" hug each center stone. Available in round cut, emerald, Asscher, cushion, princess, radiant, oval cut, and pear shape, each diamond is carefully curated in laboratory conditions, while keeping true to the Labyrinth core values.

Labyrinth Diamonds exists to offer real, sustainably-created high-design diamond jewelry to a hopeful generation that believes that through science and human ingenuity we can (and will) do better. We invite you to begin the exclusive made-to-order process. Click here to read our "How it Works" Guide. From our bridal and wedding jewelry to our fashion collection, our master goldsmiths, diamond setters, and designers strive to custom-create your dream diamond jewelry.


  • Material: 14K (18K and Platinum upon request)
  • Diamonds: DEF, VS
  • Setting: 28 Diamonds
  • Center Stone: 0.5ct to 4.00ct (4.00ct and up upon request)
  • Shape: Emerald (Available in Round, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Princess, Radiant, Oval Cut, and Pear Shape, Each diamond is carefully curated in laboratory conditions, while keeping true to the Labyrinth core values.)
  • Stone total carats: 0.21
  • side stone/ total pcs: 28
  • Center Stone: .5o ct each, 1.00 tdw
  • Photos feature a 2.00ct center stone
  • Due to the brand's made-to-order nature, all prices are subject to slight change based on fluctuating gold prices

Made to Order in 5-10 business days in collaboration with your Labyrinth Diamond concierge. Book a virtual meeting now.