Likes: a soft place to rest, professional pampering aka cleaning (an ultrasonic cleanser is best!), being handled with care,  traveling first class (in a protective soft pouch), personal space (not touching other jewelry while not being worn) and sleeping in it’s own bed (in a jewelry box!)

Dislikes: Perfume and cologne, hairspray, lotions, pools, the ocean, spa treatments, heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, gardening, kneading dough, grabby babies


Caring for Gold and Diamonds:

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Mild soap (non-detergent soap is preferable!) and warm water will do just fine - give your jewelry a nice soak for 5 minutes. You can use a soft toothbrush or a Q-tip to carefully scrub around any settings or pave work. Rinse and pat dry - only rub with a polishing cloth, never a regular towel. 

…especially for Diamonds Rings or Pieces You Wear Everyday: 

Take your jewels to your local jewelry store, and ask them if they can place your beloved inside an ultrasonic cleaner. You can also purchase at-home versions of this handy-dandy little machine for a minimum investment on Amazon! We recommend having the setting of any diamond or gemstone jewelry checked every year to ensure that your stones are still well fitted.

Caring for Sterling Silver:

Silver loves to be loved! It tarnishes less with everyday wear - but don’t sweat it - tarnishing is totally natural and a chemical reaction to oxygen. Pro tip: store your silver jewelry in an airtight plastic bag when you’re not wearing it, and bonus points if you include a little packet of gel silica (check for these in old shoeboxes - they’re bound to be laying around!). Polishing clothes are key, and for heavily tarnished silver there are plenty of common silver cleaners available for purchase. 

Caring for Pearls:

The reputation of pearls for being delicate is a bit misguided - they are durable enough for everyday wear, but may have poor reactions to chemicals that are pretty common in our beauty routines - like hairspray and any products containing alcohol. Also - pearls are not a fan of swimming! Don’t wear them in the shower, and definitely not in a pool! Don’t steam clean. If you need to clean your pearls, be gentle. Just dampen a cloth and lightly polish to ensure top luster.

Caring for Opals:

Easy does it. Opals are soft stones and relatively fragile because they are porous. Your opals don’t want a bath, and aren’t fans of cleaning chemicals nor soap either. A light polish should do the trick.